What's New

Happy New Year!

Apologies for the long hiatus in new models!  I took myself away to an ancient, dark place, well, actually, London, England to learn the new, dark art of CAD.  For the next year, I was on a damn-near-vertical learning curve with this new technology.  That sorted, I found the best, (and most expensive) RP material could react badly with the moulding materials, so, again, this old dog had to learn more new tricks with moulding & casting.  A couple of spells of ill health did not help, but, I'm back in the fight, and I hope to have the first of the new models out this month.  Meantime I've added the Japanese Minesweeper W101 -  a captured & converted British BANGOR class minesweeper and British 4" guns to the spares listing.  The first of the new CAD models will be some of the ABDA ships from the Battle of the Java Sea, although there will be other ships too, and some will be a mix of CAD + hand-made parts - whatever works best!

The USS POPE should be first, although this kit can be used for most of the 40-stackers of that period.  I plan to add the main USN and RN variants in due course, so there should be plenty of scope for converting and customising to individual ships.

Next on the list will be HMS EXETER

CAD + 3-D printing is quite a complicated business (I find!).  For the best quality prints, there is a handling charge of £5 per piece - not counting machine time and material which obviously increases with the size of the printed piece.  So, in order to avoid £5 for every wee bit, I "sprue" the small parts, and fill in any costly gaps with extra bits & pieces.  Here's the USS POPE CAD:-

Makes it look like a plastic kit - but it's not!

As you can see, I've added an S-boote , a HDML and some wee AFV's!  Two M3's (in front of the E-Boat), an M4 Sherman at the lower left, and a LVT at the mid-lower right. (both with separate turrets!0

The German guns are being hand made by Yours Truly.

Whether these wee AFVs print well enough to mould & cast - we'll have to wait and see!

I'll keep this page updated with progress.